Wake up to the Renewable Marine Energy

Naturally, your first interest goes to the carbonized energy. But we have now a growth complementary energy that is highlighted by the governments worldwide that indicates the take off  of renewable power . The footprint of these new pieces seems adequate for extended usage into clean domestic energy.

Illustration at glance, with the European Commission, European Parliament & European Council who have made a political agreement on a binding renewable energy target for the EU for 2030 of 32%.

This new EU target is part of a broader Renewable Energy Directive which is said to improve the design and stability of support schemes for renewables, and deliver real streamlining and reduction of administrative procedures.

EU Agrees On 32% by 2030 Renewables Target

Have a commentary of Climate Action and Energy representative

Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete said: “Renewables are good for Europe, and today, Europe is good at renewables. This deal is a hard-won victory in our efforts to unlock the true potential of Europe’s clean energy transition. This new ambition will help us meet our Paris Agreement goals and will translate into more jobs, lower energy bills for consumers and less energy imports. I am particularly pleased with the new European target of 32%. The binding nature of the target will also provide additional certainty to the investors. I now call on the European Parliament and the Council to continue negotiating with the same commitment and complete the rest of the proposals of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package. This will put us on the right path towards the Long-Term Strategy that the Commission intends to present by the end of this year“.

The agreement includes a review clause by 2023 for an upward revision of the EU level target. This target can be seen as compromise between the 35% target proposed by Parliament & the 27% target proposed by the Council.

EU Plan for Offshore Wind Developers


Now Developers behind the six French offshore wind projects for which the feed-in tariffs were recently re-negotiated have welcomed the confirmation that the projects are now ready to move forward.


Danish parliament unanimously voted in favour of a new energy agreement for the country on Friday, 27 June, which includes building three new offshore wind farms by 2030 with a total capacity of at least 2.4GW.


Electricity generated from offshore wind in the UK in the first quarter of 2018 was at 7.9TWh, marking a 53% increase compared to the same period of 2017. This was mainly due to the increase in UK’s offshore wind capacity, which rose by 37% (2GW) over the last year.

La Société Générale se renforce dans le financement des énergies vertes en mettant la main sur la FinTech Lumo. Fondée en 2012, la start-up installée à Bordeaux est spécialisée dans l’épargne participative dédiée aux énergies renouvelables.

Nouveau financement de l'Energie Verte par les startups de la FinTech Française